The number of homes selling before auction has surged in southeast Queensland’s property market according to an article printed in this weeks Courier Mail (2017, December 19), a result which high profile Apollo Auctions director and auctioneer Justin Nickerson stated he hadn’t seen in years.

“Some weekends, I’ve had 10 auctions scheduled and I’ve called three. That never happens in Brisbane”.

The data reported also showed that for the majority of 2017, the number of sales prior to auction averaged about five per cent of all auctions scheduled in the past two months, a percentage that has jumped to nearly 15 per cent
“When buyers are starting to recognise things are heating up a bit, they tend to get more aggressive and want to avoid competing at auction, said Mr Nickerson”.

This result was particularly significant with properties ranging between $600,000 to $900,000, and noted a keen interest from interstate buyers priced out of the Sydney and Melbourne markets.
So how can buyers local or interstate beat the pre auction sale blues and get in quickly on the properties of their choice?

Home Live’s live broadcast inspections allow for buyers to immediately determine whether or not the properties on their shortlist are worth fighting for, and in turn allow them to act aggressively in securing the property if necessary.

Significant price growth has been noted across most major capital cities of late, which is anticipated to continue to increase throughout 2018 especially in Brisbane and Adelaide, with both states showing elevated growth emerging. Evidence, which suggests that buyers are now required to act faster than they had potentially anticipated in the past.

With potential buyers being able to utilise the Home Live technology and immediately access the live streaming property inspections from their smartphones anywhere in the world, whilst simultaneously walking around the property via the virtual 3D models complete with interactive floor plan mode; and interact with the agent throughout the entire broadcast; potential buyers will be able to make better split second decisions about their interest in the property and how quickly they need to move on it. A result that could potentially alleviate the major stresses associated with losing out on a ‘dream’ property, whether it be for private or investment purposes.

Limited access to potential regional and interstate properties is also lessened here, with potential investors and buyers gaining instant live inspection access via the platform.

Time to beat the pre auction sale blues with Home Live!