Searching for a property to rent or buy on a Saturday morning can often feel worse than the most stressful day at work. We all dread waking up first thing on what is supposed to be the first day of the weekend, sifting through countless properties to inspect, whilst rushing around in Saturday morning traffic in the hopeful event that you may just make that inspection before you need to be at the next – Breathe. Let alone giving up your Saturday mornings to begin with, which could be far better spent with family, friends, exercising or running errands.

Well what if you could reclaim your Saturday’s and sift through those pesky inspections of which at least half are probably not quite what you had in mind anyway?

Let us introduce you to Home Live. The first global live inspection platform that allows agents to broadcast to an audience of buyers/renters who can tune in, ask questions, and show their interest in a property from anywhere in the world.

Now we are not talking about Skype, Facebook Live, Instagram Live etc. videos that encounter many upload, download and real-time technical glitches. We are talking about a platform that is entirely dedicated to scheduled live inspection broadcasts in split second time, meaning no delays, buffering issues or interactive malfunctions.

Home Live is also real estate & property specific, so anyone watching has all the property info and 3D models at their fingertips while they watch. You can literally walk through the 3D model of the property you are inspecting during the live broadcast – which for that matter could be at your child’s soccer match, at brunch with friends, on holidays or even at the hairdresser.

That’s not to say that this will eliminate the need for physical inspections entirely, however it does help you to decide which properties are better suited to inspecting in person, versus properties which really aren’t a great match for you. This also helps the agent to present you with a list of properties to inspect that are better suited to your individual needs. It really is a win win.

We are also excited to announce that Home Live’s Request An Inspection feature has officially gone live. Just copy the link of the property you want to request a live inspection for from any property marketing website, and Home Live will send the request to the managing agent on your behalf letting them know you’d like a remote inspection. Or you can simply visit the Home Live listings page to view properties which are already registered for live broadcasts.

Home Live is dedicated to giving back the community their Saturday mornings, and as they say, a Saturday well spent brings a week of content!