Today I’m thrilled to announce that Home Live and Zoom Communications have entered a partnership – an industry first for real estate.

This marks an exciting moment in Home Live’s evolution for several reasons.

Effortless Scale

We’ve just completed the swap from our own streaming tech to Zoom’s – The same underlying infrastructure that powers your business meetings, webinars, telehealth consults and remote learning will now power your quest to discover your new home or office through Home Live.

This was a big call for us given we’d already invested heavily in building our own solution for this, but by migrating to Zoom’s platform we now benefit from their scale and stability, allowing us to focus on our main priority – building the tools and products that help vendors, agents, buyers and renters to conduct real estate transactions.

A Trusted Platform

Like many of us, throughout the dark days of COVID every single Home Live internal, partnership, investor and sales meetings took place over Zoom. With those days hopefully behind us, Zoom continues to be an integral part of our toolkit and I see that’s the case for a huge portion of our partners and customers. For example, the number of offices I walk into and see Zoom Rooms setups is nothing short of staggering.

By aligning with Zoom as we have, it makes technical diligence from our customers a straight forward conversation given so many have already adopted Zoom elsewhere within their organisations.

It’s All About Connection

From early discussions with the team at Zoom it was apparent that we share a passion for helping people engage with each other remotely. In a hyper-connected world that’s easy to take for granted, but, like Zoom, we feel it’s important to foster not just more communication, but more meaningful communication.

In our case that’s super focused around helping people make the biggest purchase of their lives, and all the specific and unique requirements that come with that. That same questioning search for ways to build better connections clearly drives Zoom’s mission as well.

So, it’s early days with our new partners, and I’m pleased to say we have other exciting partnership news brewing that we’ll be announcing shortly, but I’m particularly excited to work with Zoom’s team and look forward to growing the relationship with them over the coming months and years.

So with that all said, here’s the official release:

Home Live powers next evolution in real estate with Zoom

Global real estate communications platform, Home Live, today announced it has teamed up with leading technology company Zoom Video Communications, Inc, leveraging Zoom’s underlying infrastructure to power its live-streamed property inspections, auctions and market updates.

Home Live Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Luke Watson, said: “Zoom’s Developer Platform provides the immense scale and stability we need to continue delivering the next evolution in global real estate.

“Real estate is a fundamentally human-powered industry. It is critical we are able to offer a remote communication solution that spans marketing, inspections and transactions without sidelining the agent or sacrificing human connection. While Home Live has had a robust live streaming solution in place for a number of years, this is a game-changer.

“The alliance will really accelerate Home Live’s growth, allowing us to focus on meeting the unique needs of the world’s real estate professionals and providing an unforgettable experience to the real estate buying public,” he said.

Zoom Head of Australia & New Zealand (ANZ), Michael Chetner, said: “This collaboration with Home Live presents a real opportunity for Zoom to continue to bring rich and seamless video-based experiences for Home Live’s customers, who use the interactive platform to connect with agents and properties anywhere in the world.”

“Home Live is a leading real estate-specific live-streaming platform, with an exciting view for the future of the space and a real understanding of the added value remote communications can deliver for both agents and prospective buyers. We’re delighted to work with Home Live and look forward to seeing this collaboration grow further in the coming months.”

Home Live is the world’s leading video-first property discovery experience, offering a purpose-built live-streaming solution to attend cinematic live and interactive open inspections, auctions, market updates and more. Streams are viewable across Home Live’s global network of websites, agencies, portal listings and social media, with integrations into leading CRMs to provide seamless data capture and reporting for agents. Home Live currently lists 583,000 residential and 17,160 commercial properties globally.

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About Home Live

Home Live Group is the world’s first remote engagement solution for the global real estate industry, powering remote communication across marketing, inspections and transactions. The business was founded by Luke Watson and Jon Tyson in 2017 after the pair identified a need for useful, modern technology in the real estate. Home Live Group now hosts a global network of sites under the Home Live and Commercial Live brands.