Our 3 Tips To Get Your Feet In The Door – Literally

Long-term renting is now considered to be a lifestyle choice according to findings from realestate.com.au’s latest Consumer Intentions Study (2017), with more and more people opting to hold onto their capital as opposed to tying it up in mortgages, whilst others are simply being priced out of the property market, so are purchasing properties as investments in outer suburban areas, and renting places in the inner city suburbs of their choice, which are closer to work or have better amenities.

So with a significant population of renters on the rise, leading to more competition; in addition to less long term properties with the short term rental / ‘Airbnb’ epidemic taking off, how can you minimise frustrations associated with the rental process to begin with?

1. Look Beyond The Beach

As much as waking up looking at or listening to those crashing waves might sound appealing, beachside suburbs or tourist areas are the hardest to find suitable long-term rentals, with Landlords opting for short-term periods to maximise the financial benefits associated with seasonal tourism.

2. Understand that with increased demand and higher mortgage costs, rental prices are sure to follow

Disappointment can often be minimised if you do your research. The affordability issues that are often associated with purchasing a property are also reflected in renting as landlords need to charge more to help cover mortgage costs, however are also subject to increase when there is higher demand, such as in areas which are within a 10km radius of the city’s CBD.

By spending time doing your research on the areas that fall outside of this radius, yet still afford great amenities and are closer to work than outer suburban areas, you will find your chances of successfully securing a rental of your desire within your budget much higher.

3. How on earth do I get to the inspection?

How many times have you said this to yourself? Well this is where Home Live can assist. Around 39% of people surveyed reported that finding a property that meets their needs was a pet peeve, while 37% were fed up with the time needed to attend open for inspections when looking for a new rental, siting narrow windows for inspection times; places not looking as described; and just getting to inspections a major challenge.

Home Live’s live broadcast inspection platform can assist with this as it allows agents and renters to to engage via real-time, interactive property tours and fully interactive 3D models.

The live broadcasts allow users to remotely view properties before or in place of a    physical inspection; and furthermore, the split second interactive nature of the technology provides a gateway to get the agent to zoom in on specific areas or to   answer questions in real time as the user navigates the property. No more showing up to a property where the photos don’t match the description.

In addition, the new ‘request a broadcast’ feature allows you to post the link of the property you are interested in on home.com.au and it will automatically send a live broadcast request to the agent.

We hope that these three tips help you to secure your dream rental.