The internet continues to transform both social and business interactions across all industries, particularly over the last decade where high bandwidth connections are now the norm. Remote communication tools such as video conferencing were already largely ubiquitous, whether for remote presentations, hybrid workplaces or even your regular catch up with extended family.

Fast-forward to 2020 where we’ve been faced with extreme isolation and social-distancing measures due to the COVID-19 Pandemic – these tools are no longer a nice-to-have but a necessity for anyone looking to maintain a sense of normalcy or continue functioning as a business; keep in mind also that Australia has fared much better than most other countries.

With these platforms becoming so accessible and plentiful, it can be confusing when selecting the correct tool for your specific needs. As each live streaming tool has been built to offer the best possible experience for the specific industry they cater too. This is something important to consider when comparing the live streaming capabilities of a product like Home Live against other live streaming platforms designed for a different purpose.

Home Live is live streaming designed specifically for real estate professionals. The platform is built to provide all the tools needed to conduct, live, informative, interactive digital property inspections.

Putting the focus back on the Agent, the product was developed with the importance of relationship building and personal interaction top of mind. Offering private messaging from a potential buyer for any offer-sensitive questions or comments. Each chat transcript and interest level is saved and sent back to the agent to review and follow up with any interested parties.

Social streaming platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Instagram LIVE offer loose viewer interaction with an existing audience. However, as these are primarily entertainment platforms, this data is not captured, qualified or pushed back into the CRM of the Agent, something unique to Home Live. Home Live also offers livestream pre-registration, meaning potential buyers can register their interest and add the stream to their calendar ahead of time, ensuring they don’t miss it and are actively engaged when live.

Further to this, if the social live stream is then posted to their page, buyers may find it difficult to link the stream to an active listing or a sold listing as the video would still be available regardless of a sale. Home Live offers in-context livestreams with property photos, descriptions and pricing, making it the go-to source for Real Estate live streaming.
Other use-case specific streaming platforms such as Zoom are best suited for business interactions (For example, at Home Live we LOVE Zoom for meetings). The tools are perfect for business meetings, but just fall short for inspections – they can’t be viewed in-context and data is not seamlessly captured and verified.

Home Live’s Smart Embedding inserts the livestream into the Agents website is unique and ensures traffic stays on the listing page rather than seeping away onto other websites or apps. Smart Embedding allows potential buyers to request livestreams and watch back previous streams whilst simultaneously capturing their lead data, feeding it back into the CRM, all from the Agency site or portal listing.

Agents using apps such as Facetime are typically limited to 1-1 calls (so unsuited to an open inspection type experience) or, in the case of pre-recorded videos there’s no interactivity or lead capture. Put another way, pre-recorded videos are just another piece of content whereas live streams are a medium of communication AND content.

With a multitude of live streaming products to choose from, each is designed with a unique use case in mind. None cater to promoting or discovering real estate better than Home Live as we understand the importance of keeping the Agent at the forefront of every deal and recognise the emotional connection that needs to be formed when making possibly the biggest purchase of your lifetime.

So, stick with the experts! Welcome Home.

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