‘Homing’ In On Rental Frustrations

Our 3 Tips To Get Your Feet In The Door – Literally

Long-term renting is now considered to be a lifestyle choice according to findings from realestate.com.au’s latest Consumer Intentions Study (2017), with more and more people opting to hold onto their capital as opposed to tying it up in mortgages, whilst others are simply being priced out of the property market, so are purchasing properties as investments in outer suburban areas, and renting places in the inner city suburbs of their choice, which are closer to work or have better amenities.

So with a significant population of renters on the rise, leading to more competition; in addition to less long term properties with the short term rental / ‘Airbnb’ epidemic taking off, how can you minimise frustrations associated with the rental process to begin with?

1. Look Beyond The Beach

As much as waking up looking at or listening to those crashing waves might sound appealing, beachside suburbs or tourist areas are the hardest to find suitable long-term rentals, with Landlords opting for short-term periods to maximise the financial benefits associated with seasonal tourism.

2. Understand that with increased demand and higher mortgage costs, rental prices are sure to follow

Disappointment can often be minimised if you do your research. The affordability issues that are often associated with purchasing a property are also reflected in renting as landlords need to charge more to help cover mortgage costs, however are also subject to increase when there is higher demand, such as in areas which are within a 10km radius of the city’s CBD.

By spending time doing your research on the areas that fall outside of this radius, yet still afford great amenities and are closer to work than outer suburban areas, you will find your chances of successfully securing a rental of your desire within your budget much higher.

3. How on earth do I get to the inspection?

How many times have you said this to yourself? Well this is where Home Live can assist. Around 39% of people surveyed reported that finding a property that meets their needs was a pet peeve, while 37% were fed up with the time needed to attend open for inspections when looking for a new rental, siting narrow windows for inspection times; places not looking as described; and just getting to inspections a major challenge.

Home Live’s live broadcast inspection platform can assist with this as it allows agents and renters to to engage via real-time, interactive property tours and fully interactive 3D models.

The live broadcasts allow users to remotely view properties before or in place of a    physical inspection; and furthermore, the split second interactive nature of the technology provides a gateway to get the agent to zoom in on specific areas or to   answer questions in real time as the user navigates the property. No more showing up to a property where the photos don’t match the description.

In addition, the new ‘request a broadcast’ feature allows you to post the link of the property you are interested in on home.com.au and it will automatically send a live broadcast request to the agent.

We hope that these three tips help you to secure your dream rental.

Beating The Pre Auction Sale Blues With Home Live

The number of homes selling before auction has surged in southeast Queensland’s property market according to an article printed in this weeks Courier Mail (2017, December 19), a result which high profile Apollo Auctions director and auctioneer Justin Nickerson stated he hadn’t seen in years.

“Some weekends, I’ve had 10 auctions scheduled and I’ve called three. That never happens in Brisbane”.

The data reported also showed that for the majority of 2017, the number of sales prior to auction averaged about five per cent of all auctions scheduled in the past two months, a percentage that has jumped to nearly 15 per cent
“When buyers are starting to recognise things are heating up a bit, they tend to get more aggressive and want to avoid competing at auction, said Mr Nickerson”.

This result was particularly significant with properties ranging between $600,000 to $900,000, and noted a keen interest from interstate buyers priced out of the Sydney and Melbourne markets.
So how can buyers local or interstate beat the pre auction sale blues and get in quickly on the properties of their choice?

Home Live’s live broadcast inspections allow for buyers to immediately determine whether or not the properties on their shortlist are worth fighting for, and in turn allow them to act aggressively in securing the property if necessary.

Significant price growth has been noted across most major capital cities of late, which is anticipated to continue to increase throughout 2018 especially in Brisbane and Adelaide, with both states showing elevated growth emerging. Evidence, which suggests that buyers are now required to act faster than they had potentially anticipated in the past.

With potential buyers being able to utilise the Home Live technology and immediately access the live streaming property inspections from their smartphones anywhere in the world, whilst simultaneously walking around the property via the virtual 3D models complete with interactive floor plan mode; and interact with the agent throughout the entire broadcast; potential buyers will be able to make better split second decisions about their interest in the property and how quickly they need to move on it. A result that could potentially alleviate the major stresses associated with losing out on a ‘dream’ property, whether it be for private or investment purposes.

Limited access to potential regional and interstate properties is also lessened here, with potential investors and buyers gaining instant live inspection access via the platform.

Time to beat the pre auction sale blues with Home Live!

Home Live To Liven Up Your Saturdays

Searching for a property to rent or buy on a Saturday morning can often feel worse than the most stressful day at work. We all dread waking up first thing on what is supposed to be the first day of the weekend, sifting through countless properties to inspect, whilst rushing around in Saturday morning traffic in the hopeful event that you may just make that inspection before you need to be at the next – Breathe. Let alone giving up your Saturday mornings to begin with, which could be far better spent with family, friends, exercising or running errands.

Well what if you could reclaim your Saturday’s and sift through those pesky inspections of which at least half are probably not quite what you had in mind anyway?

Let us introduce you to Home Live. The first global live inspection platform that allows agents to broadcast to an audience of buyers/renters who can tune in, ask questions, and show their interest in a property from anywhere in the world.

Now we are not talking about Skype, Facebook Live, Instagram Live etc. videos that encounter many upload, download and real-time technical glitches. We are talking about a platform that is entirely dedicated to scheduled live inspection broadcasts in split second time, meaning no delays, buffering issues or interactive malfunctions.

Home Live is also real estate & property specific, so anyone watching has all the property info and 3D models at their fingertips while they watch. You can literally walk through the 3D model of the property you are inspecting during the live broadcast – which for that matter could be at your child’s soccer match, at brunch with friends, on holidays or even at the hairdresser.

That’s not to say that this will eliminate the need for physical inspections entirely, however it does help you to decide which properties are better suited to inspecting in person, versus properties which really aren’t a great match for you. This also helps the agent to present you with a list of properties to inspect that are better suited to your individual needs. It really is a win win.

We are also excited to announce that Home Live’s Request An Inspection feature has officially gone live. Just copy the link of the property you want to request a live inspection for from any property marketing website, and Home Live will send the request to the managing agent on your behalf letting them know you’d like a remote inspection. Or you can simply visit the Home Live listings page to view properties which are already registered for live broadcasts.

Home Live is dedicated to giving back the community their Saturday mornings, and as they say, a Saturday well spent brings a week of content!

Welcome Home – Home.com.au Enters
 Open Trial

Home.com.au enters open trial phase in Australia, pioneering the way for Agents to broadcast real-time, remote property inspections for buyers & renters.

Home Live, a new immersive property discovery platform that allows both Agents and Consumers to engage via real-time, interactive property tours and fully interactive 3D models, today announces it’s entered open trial phase in the lead up to its official launch in Australia at HOME.COM.AU.

HOME.COM.AU, which is the brainchild of ex Silicon Valley Executive, CEO and Co-Founder Luke Watson, and CTO/Co-Founder Jon Tyson, will be releasing a World first for the real estate sector that provides Australia with live streaming property inspections.

Users are able to watch split second delayed broadcasts online as Agents broadcast from their smartphones to take viewers around the property. The technology allows for a rich property discovery experience and meaningful engagement between participants throughout the whole experience.

Another unique feature of HOME.COM.AU is the interactive 3D models appearing on each property’s permanent broadcast page. These compliment the inspection broadcasts by allowing users to virtually walk around the property, complete with furnishings, much like they would in a computer game, while the interactive floor plan mode provides the user with a top-down view of the entire property.

For Agents, HOME.COM.AU is a powerful tool to connect with clients from a distance (such as property investors or people relocating), to build further interest in their properties. This is especially helpful in bridging the gap between when a property is found via traditional sources (eg: property portals or local papers), and the small fraction of those people that make their way to an open house inspection.

Broadcasting on HOME.COM.AU helps Agents build their contact list by providing broadcast reports that include the viewer’s verified contact details, allowing Agents to follow-up with potential buyers and renters.

A game changing option for Vendors, especially those who value their privacy or are reluctant to sell, HOME.COM.AU can also optionally be used by Agents to filter out “tyre kickers” and ensure that only well qualified buyers are invited to inspections.

As the first of many innovations to come, HOME.COM.AU employs a fair pricing model that enables all Agents and Vendors across Australia to benefit from these technologies.

For Consumers, the live broadcasts allow users to reclaim their Saturday mornings by remote viewing properties beforehand; and furthermore, the split second interactive nature of the technology provides a gateway to get the agent to zoom in on specific areas or to answer questions in real time as they navigate the property.

These features in particular, allow users to conveniently view a larger number of properties, then decide on those that they would like to view in person.

HOME.COM.AU’S public beta of its live broadcasting feature is today available on the website and to all agents via the Agent portal and mobile applications. Agents can subscribe to the service via home.com.au/agents and users can request a broadcast of any listed property via https://www.home.com.au/blog/blog/properties/request.

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