It’s an ongoing frustration amongst renters who are looking for a new home yet either can’t make the inspection time, or have multiple properties that they would like to inspect fall during the same time period.

But would you let a stranger go to an inspection for you?

A company in Melbourne called Propzee conducts inspections of properties for rent for people who can’t be there in person, claiming to provide its clients with a condition report on the fixtures in each room along with photos. Other property seekers have opted to use job sharing site Airtasker, again sending a totally random individual into the property to take photos. But at the risk of sounding trite, if home is where the heart is, why on earth would you rely on a person who has never met you or your family, doesn’t know your personality, your likes, dislikes and beyond, to provide you with enough information to be confident that this is the right home for you?

Domain reported in a recent article on this matter that Tenants Union Victoria chief executive Mark O’Brien said renters should be cautious when asking a third party to inspect a property on their behalf.

“Residential tenancies agreements are contracts just like any other and you should probably take them seriously – and part of taking them seriously is don’t rent something that you haven’t seen,” Mr O’Brien said.

In addition, Propzee advises its clients that the report they provide should not be used as the sole basis for making an application and they should inspect themselves. Huh? So why would you pay for an inspection service when you are advised to inspect it yourself anyway?

Home Live eliminates the need for this and the unnecessary fees via its live broadcast inspection platform, which not only allows an agent to take you through the entire property in split second time, but allows you to both interact with the agent during the broadcast – where you can ask them to zoom in on specific areas or fixtures and ask questions; in addition to activating the interactive 3D mode, which allows users to be able to virtually walk around the property, complete with furnishings, much like you would in a computer game.

Most importantly however, you can be anywhere in the world whilst tuning in to the inspection. No fees, no frustration, no strangers.

So although it is probably a good idea to inspect a property in person eventually, Home Live allows you to at least make your own decision about whether this property is right for you to inspect to begin with. And it won’t cost you a cent!