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South Yarra, Victoria, Sep. 24, 2021 /Medianet/ --

Melbourne: LPA Energy Group is attracting strong international interest with the launch of an exciting new technology which saves time and money while delivering powerful energy savings and improved sustainability.


Melbourne-based LPA this week released details of its “WideSky” technology which enables real-time energy-use monitoring, management and reporting via a single efficient and intuitive platform. 


WideSky’s key point of difference to existing similar technology is that it can connect to almost anything. Being brand and language agnostic, the system seamlessly integrates with legacy equipment, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and third-party software to analyse and report on energy use, the environment and use of space, and identify areas which could be better optimised. 


LPA founder John Saunders says WideSky is “an incredible breakthrough technology” which he anticipates will deliver widespread global benefits. The company has experienced a surge in business, with strong interest from businesses and governments in both developed and developing economies, including the US, UK, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Uruguay.


“WideSky is unique in that it has almost limitless possible applications to deliver significant benefits across economic, time and sustainability metrics” Saunders says.


“It basically makes the invisible visible. With this level of insight, users are able to interpret and act on information that might not otherwise be easily understood. That leads to faster, data-driven decisions, reduces risk and cost, improves wellbeing, and benefits the environment.”


These are important considerations for businesses and countries at time when they are under increasing pressure to demonstrate more responsibility and accountability for their environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives.


WideSky is a cloud-based IoT protocol designed to deliver visibility, insight and control over any system’s energy performance. It can immediately identify faults, inefficiencies or potential trouble spots, saving time, money and energy.


WideSky enables users to access live data from as many locations as their businesses need, on any device, allowing them to more effectively manage resources and drive cost reductions.


LPA picked up WideSky as part of its recent acquisition of a Brisbane-based engineering firm, VRT Systems. The tie-up has allowed LPA to expand its energy service offerings. 


As an end-to-end energy design, implementation and optimisation service, LPA now delivers the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly energy management outcomes for clients’ needs around the world.


Demand for its services has seen the company experience rapid growth. Since March 2021, it has created 55 new positions, boosting its global workforce to 300.


Saunders says the future is bright for LPA.


“As an Australian company, we’re excited to be taking this technology to the global stage and to be providing a proactive solution for those wanting to make a meaningful and measurable contribution to the environment,” he says.





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Founded in Melbourne in 1990, LPA now operates in almost 90 countries and is embarking on a new drive to provide cost-effective, environmentally beneficial power solutions which can be monitored in real time.


Adelaide born, Founder John Saunders is a colourful person, with a background in engineering and science. His goal with LPA was to become the dominant lighting supply and design business in Victoria, initially in the retail sector.


LPA quickly grew to dominate Victoria’s lighting market, and was soon the largest lighting supplier to the retail market in Australia, then the Asia-Pacific. It now does business in more than 90 countries out of 10 offices across the US, UK, China, Sri Lanka and Australia. Its head office is in Melbourne.


Global LPA clients range from large retail brands such as Tiffany, Armani and Nike to large corporations, mining groups and governments.


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