Dutch Startup Briqwise Expands Peer-to-Peer Property Backed Lending Platform to Australian Market

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Briqwise has funded loans of nearly 50 million euros by private investors in two years. Today it announces its unique concept for borrowers and lenders is coming to Australia.

Investor advantage

  • Investors receive guaranteed monthly interest (and repayments)
  • 1st mortgage security direct in the name of the investor
  • Terms from 1 to 20-year provides solid alternative fixed income
  • Investments can be liquidated at any time

Borrower advantage

  • Early repayment of loans without penalty 
  • Interest only repayment options
  • Flexible terms from 1 to 20 years
  • Competitive fees and charges compared to commercial loan market rates
  • Transparency across all fees and charges

SYDNEY, July 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Briqwise, the peer-to-peer platform for real estate financing, announced today it is entering the Australian market. The new platform aims to lower barriers for small to medium business owners seeking a quick and reliable way to finance their commercial properties while providing opportunities for astute investors to yield a safe and attractive return on their investment. Visit for more information. 

Need for alternative financing

Briqwise was designed to accommodate the global market. Regardless of location, the Briqwise platform can provide businesses with a chance to secure a real estate loan from $100.000 – even under challenging economic conditions.

"SMEs can potentially face huge challenges when looking for commercial finance to buy their business premises. Under the same economic conditions, investors are looking for alternative ways to grow their wealth – especially when interest rates are dropping to below zero. That makes savings very unattractive. In Australia, RBA has reduced interest rates to 0.25% and maybe soon to zero." said Pieter Porte, Founder of Briqwise.

International ambitions and expansion to Australia

From today, businesses in Australia seeking commercial funding can access a loan through Briqwise. These loans allow SME's to buy real estate with flexible terms and competitive interest rates.

For investors, Briqwise offers fixed interest rates over a loan period of 12 months to 20 years with guaranteed monthly payments that can be liquidated at any time. All with first mortgage security.

Speaking of the new benefits to the Australian market, Martin Mulder, Briqwise Partner, said, "A property is usually funded to a maximum of 75% of its value credit assessment. This assessment is conducted by the Briqwise Value Assessment tool (BVA) which is similar to ones used by traditional banks. However, our application process is much faster due to our advanced IT platform, which circumvents traditional impediments. Our application fees are considerably lower than the market rate for comparable  loans.

At Briqwise we require a minimum investment of $100,000."

Pieter Porte adds:

"By 2025, Briqwise aims to be a fully-fledged international platform, represented in at least five countries worldwide. The scalable and intelligent cross-border IT platform ensures the local Briqwise team can conduct all funding via our quick, transparent and straightforward process."

About Briqwise

In 2018, Pieter Porte, Frank van Dongen, and Guus Oerlemans founded Briqwise. Utilising their extensive knowledge and expertise in establishing commercial internet platforms and the banking industry, they created Briqwise - the bridge between SME's looking for real estate financing and investors who want to make a stable return on safe investments. 

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SOURCE Briqwise Pty Ltd

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