Indonesian Government support brings AUD30+ Billion Australia-Asia PowerLink a step closer

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Redfern, N.S.W., Sep. 23, 2021 /Medianet/ --


      Sun Cable’s Australia-Asia PowerLink (AAPowerLink) - which will be one of the world’s largest renewable energy infrastructure projects - reaches another milestone with the Indonesian Government today announcing that it has recommended the AAPowerLink route through Indonesian waters, approved the subsea survey permit and welcomes Sun Cable’s investment in Indonesia


      The AAPowerLink is a AUD30+ Billion transformational project, which will harness Australia’s abundant solar energy resource, to deliver world-class renewable electricity to Darwin and Singapore

      It will deliver total carbon emissions abatement estimated at 8.6 million tonnes of CO2e per year


      AAPowerLink will generate up to AUD2 Billion in exports for Australia each year, similar to Australia’s dairy export industry (AUD2-3Bn) and see over AUD8 Billion of investment directly in Australia


Sun Cable’s AUD30+ Billion transformational Australia-Asia PowerLink (AAPowerLink), which will be one of the world’s largest renewable energy infrastructure projects, is another step closer to generating, storing and transmitting renewable energy from Elliott, to Darwin and Singapore, with the Indonesian Government today confirming key facilitation measures.


Since Australian Prime Minister, the Honourable Scott Morrison MP, raised support for Sun Cable’s work during his bilateral visit to Singapore in June this year, and after the AAPowerLink received Major Project Status from the Commonwealth Government in July 2021 and the NT in June 2020, the Project continues to make significant progress.


Today, Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Mr Luhut Binsar Panjaitain welcomed Sun Cable’s operation in Indonesia and confirmed that the Indonesian Government has recommended the route of the transmission cables through Indonesian waters, with the Ministry of Transportation granting the subsea survey permit.


Sun Cable is greatly appreciative of the support from the Indonesian Government and looks forward to a long-term relationship with Indonesia. As part of building the AAPowerLink, Sun Cable will drive investment and jobs in Indonesia, share knowledge, and support Indonesian manufacturing.


Sun Cable is developing the AAPowerLink to deliver a significant amount of renewable electricity to Darwin, to support the Northern Territory’s ambition to develop a AUD40 Billion economy by 2030.


The Project will also be capable of supplying up to 15% of Singapore’s electricity needs, starting from 2028 could reduce Singapore’s emissions by 6 million tonnes per year, matching the entire climate abatement gap in Singapore’s announced 2030 targets.


By unlocking the vast, world-class solar and land resources that Australia has available, Sun Cable is creating the pathway for a new export industry, with the AAPowerLink generating up to AUD2Billion in exports, creating over 1500 jobs in construction, 350 operational jobs, and 12,000 indirect jobs.


This is recognised by Infrastructure Australia listing this initiative on the nation’s infrastructure Priority List in February 2021.


Sun Cable will integrate a range of technologies and infrastructure in the AAPowerLink, including one of the world’s largest solar farms to be located in the Northern Territory, Australia (17-20GWp); the world’s largest battery (36-42GWh); and the world’s longest undersea High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) cable system from Darwin to Singapore (approx 4,200km).


Quotes attributable to David Griffin, Sun Cable CEO

“This is a significant milestone for the AAPowerLink and brings us closer to generating and transmitting affordable, dispatchable renewable energy to Darwin and Singapore, via the world’s largest renewable energy transmission network.


“We are developing the technology that integrates solar, storage and High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission technologies, to meet the large-scale demand for renewable energy. There is a significant alignment with the Australian Government’s Technology Roadmap and Lowering Emissions MOU signed with Singapore in October 2020.


We want this world-leading project to create a step-change in the Indo-Pacific’s capability to achieve net zero ambitions and economic growth sustained by renewable energy.

“Sun Cable is proud to be engaging with the traditional owners of the land, technology and manufacturing partners, and prospective customers that increasingly demand zero emissions electricity supply, across the region. We look forward to continuing to work across Australia, Singapore and Indonesia to deliver this project.”


Quotes attributable to Australia’s Ambassador Penny Williams

Australia’s Ambassador to Indonesia Penny Williams thanked Coordinating Minister Luhut Pandjaitan and Minister Bahlil Lahadalia for their support for Sun Cable’s visionary renewable energy project and for Australian investment in Indonesia generally.  ‘Australia believes in a technology-driven approach to combating climate change and I am pleased the Indonesian Government has supported Sun Cable’s project to harness and share the power of solar energy. I look forward to Sun Cable investing in Indonesia, sharing knowledge, creating jobs and contributing to the strengthening of Indonesia-Australia economic ties.


Quotes attributable to Michael Gunner, Northern Territory Chief Minister

“Sun Cable is building momentum –this is another major step forward for this multi-billion dollar project. Sun Cable have established an office in the Territory and have employed more than a dozen Darwin firms for initial works.”


“The Northern Territory will host the world’s largest solar and renewable energy system, which is a massive sign of confidence in the Territory - the Comeback Capital. It will inject $8 billion into the Australian economy, with most of it being spent right here in the Northern Territory.”


Quote attributable to Dr Andrew Forrest AO, Chairman, FFI & Cornerstone Investor in Sun Cable

“Decarbonising our planet is a challenge all people and all nations must rise to. But it is action, not words that are required. I commend Minister Luhut’s leadership, strong action towards this goal and his commitment to attracting investment into Indonesia and harnessing private sector collaboration with Australian companies such as Sun Cable and Fortescue Future Industries.


“This announcement is a testament to our two countries' close relationship and as a proud investor I congratulate Sun Cable’s achievements in working with Indonesia to secure this milestone. I look forward to thanking Minister Luhut in person soon.”


Quote attributable to Mike Cannon-Brooks, Co-Founder & CEO, AtlassianCornerstone Investor in Sun Cable

“Australia can become a renewable energy superpower. We can and should tap into our solar resources that could power the world 5 times over. Sun Cable is harnessing this at scale, and its Australia-Asia PowerLink will create massive local and international renewable energy opportunities.”


“Securing Indonesian support is a big step towards realising our potential of becoming one of the world’s largest energy exporters.”



For more information, see

Sun Cable Media contact: or +61 488 038 555



About Sun Cable

Sun Cable is an Australian-founded, world-leading renewable energy company. The AAPowerLink project is the first of its kind, and the first of many, to harness Australia’s high-quality solar resource to power the Indo-Pacific region with competitively priced, dispatchable, high-volume renewable electricity.

Sun Cable’s energy projects will position Australia, Singapore and other markets in Asia as world leaders in intercontinental transmission of renewable electricity. This infrastructure will facilitate the electrification of new and existing industries, supporting large-scale economic development, whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Sun Cable’s Australia-Asia PowerLink project

Sun Cable is developing the Australia-Asia PowerLink (AAPowerLink), a high-capacity solar, storage and transmission system that will transmit large volumes of dispatchable renewable electricity from the Barkly Region of the Northern Territory to Darwin and Singapore markets.

The project is comprised of six main components:

      solar farm precinct including energy storage and voltage source converter (VSC) near Elliott in the Northern Territory;

      high voltage direct current (HVDC) overhead transmission line (OHTL) from the solar farm to Darwin;

      VSC and a utility-scale battery in Darwin;

      subsea HVDC cable system from Darwin to Singapore; and

      VSC and utility-scale battery in Singapore. 

The AAPowerLink will provide Darwin and Singapore with high quality, dispatchable renewable electricity supply.

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