About Home Live

Luke Watson and Jon Tyson, Founders of Home Live

Home Live was founded by Luke Watson and Jon Tyson after identifying that the real estate industry is significantly under-served when it comes to useful, modern technology. The rest of the world has moved at breakneck pace, but real estate is largely bought and sold the same way as it was 20+ years ago.

Day 0 for Home Live was building a prototype for an augmented reality business card. You could throw your real business card onto the table hold your phone up to it and see a video play over the card. We took this to real estate offices in our local area to start a dialog about how they use technology and where there were shortcomings.

Almost immediately we dropped the business card idea - people loved it but it was a total gimmick. But from starting these conversations, Home Live was born and we've worked with the industry ever since to build the next generation of essential tools for agents, vendors, buyers and renters.

Today, Home Live is the world's first 'remote engagement' platform for real estate. That means we're making it easier than ever before to really get a sense of a property from wherever you area. Our cornerstone product is the first real estate specific live-streaming solution for open inspections, with plenty of other game changing additions to the platform on the way.

Home Live's global site is at home.live, with localised sites for a growing number of countries. If you would like to connect with the Home Live team, please see our contact page.